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Absolutely! We have been building sites for several years, and we always said; there has to be a better way. We tried all kinds of Hostings and did not find what we were looking for so we created our own.

Absolutely! Your site will be ready to go in about 30 seconds after checkout. We will install wordpress on a free temporary domain so you can get started creating immediately.

Absolutely. Elementor is the easiest page builder to use in our opinion, and we want our platform to be as easy as possible.

Just reach out to support and ask us to activate the plugins you would like activated on your site, and we will activate them for you.

Currently we offer 15 Different server locations. You can see a current list of server locationson the checkout page.

Currently we have 15 server locations. You can see all the locations on the checkout page.

Absolutely! Elementor Pro is included on all of our plans. You can also get other premium plugins by choosing the Pro plan or the Enterprise plan. The current plugins included on the Pro and Enterprise plans are  Wp Rocket, Blogvault, and MailPoet with up to 50,000 subscribers ($230 a month added value included)

You will get access to the free version of Astra Starter Templates. If you like one of the premium templates just ask support to help you. These starter templates will install very easily with 1 click. We also offer tons of paid templates that are easy to install with one click.

Yes! All of our plans come with free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates.

We provide a free temporary domain so you can get started right away. When you are ready just contact support and ask us to add your own custom domain. For best results we recommend adding our nameservers to your domain so we have full access to help you get your domain and email setup with the correct DNS records.

Cloudflare is the fastet DNS solution available. When you make edits to your DNS they propagate almost instantly, other provides can take up to 48 hours to propagate. Also if you use DNS at Cloudflare you can add our support to your account and we can assist in making edits for your DNS record.

We backup your site automatically every day. 

No, but you can install a free file manager plugin if you wish.

We offer FTP access and SSH access, please contact support if you would like this option enabled as it is disabled by default for security.

Our team keep an eye on your site and update plugins automatically on a regular basis.

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Still have a question? Submit it to us and one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible.